Curtis Summerfest Young Artist Summer Program 2014

Today marked the end of three fantastic weeks on the faculty of the Curtis Summer Young Artists Summer Program – what a day! Four concerts in less than 24 hours, one giant cake, and many tearful goodbye selfies later, 81 students are returning home enriched, inspired and uplifted.

The precious moments are too many to name. Every concert – faculty recitals, playing new works by student composers, orchestra performances, Stravinsky, Beethoven – was a celebration. Hard work, long days, and deep breaths paid off. I saw the luminous face of a child as he heard his music played for the first time. I played for a young conductor’s debut. I shared a music stand with a teenager whose intellect and enthusiasm re-invigorated my love for Elgar’s orchestration.

Youth is a special time for an artist. The spark is already there. Passion and spirit abound. All are truly themselves. None are jaded. It’s such a privilege to spend time with a young musician, to share with them and challenge them. It’s nothing but joy to pass it all on.

Go forth, young artists. May your journeys be inspired by love, and may we all remain young artists at heart.

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