‘Bonhoeffer’ with The Crossing

The invitation to record and perform Thomas Lloyd’s powerful oratorio ‘Bonhoeffer’ with The Crossing and Donald Nally this month was one I couldn’t have been happier to accept. The opportunity to work with a group I deeply admire, coupled with a chance to engage with a subject of such profundity, has made for an incredible start to the new season.

After two days of intense sessions, the recording is made, and now we look forward to performances next week, at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, and – crucially – at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where Bonhoeffer himself studied and taught. Bonhoeffer’s manner in the face of the violence of the late 1930s – and its treatment in this stunning work of art – gives us pause to reflect on our own response to the cruelties of our time.

Recording 'Bonhoeffer' with The Crossing, September 2015

Recording ‘Bonhoeffer’ with The Crossing, September 2015


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