a string mysterious


I’m excited to announce that I am creating my first solo album, a string mysterious.

a string mysterious

Rebecca Harris, baroque violin, with Richard Stone, archlute and Matthew Glandorf, organ

a string mysterious combines ancient and new musical meditations on transcendental subjects. Three of Henrich Biber’s Mystery Sonatas (The Annunciation, The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection, composed c. 1676) are contrasted by arresting new pieces for baroque violin by Mark Rimple and Riho Esko Maimets.

When two works of art are placed next to each other, their relationship creates a third experience. Each work sheds light on the other. I’m fascinated and enlivened by this, and it’s what I’m seeking to explore in my album. 

I’m running a fundraising campaign to support the creation of this album. Watch the video here, and please consider a contribution!

I’ll be posting journal entries on the process of bringing this project to life. I’m thrilled to be embarking on this big project, and hope that you’ll join me for the journey. 

Journal 1: Why ‘a string mysterious’? 

Journal 2: Interview with composer Mark Rimple

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